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Brand: ABB

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Product parameters
Model: GOP2
Brand: ABB
Size: 10cm x 10cm x 30cm
Weight: 1.2KG
Color: White Black
Working voltage: 5V
Working temperature: -10 ℃ to 50 ℃
Communication interface: RS232, RS485, CAN
Product specifications
Support for MODBUS protocol
Support hardware flow control
Using high-speed CMOS devices
Support for data caching
application area
GOP2 is mainly used in the field of industrial automation, such as DCS PLCs, industrial controllers, robots, etc.
GOP2 is mainly used in steel manufacturing, thermal power generation, hydroelectric power generation, glass manufacturing, paper mills, cement factories, petrochemicals
Chemical fiber, pharmaceutical manufacturing, rubber, plastics, ferrous metal food, machine tools, specialized equipment, transportation vehicles, mechanical equipment
Electronic communication equipment, instruments and beverages, tobacco processing, clothing, textiles, leather, wood processing, furniture, printing, etc
Model: GOP2 Brand: ABB Archive Function: Communication Function Product Certification: Qualified
Working voltage: 24V Internal variable: No pattern Type: Vector diagram Applicable range: Industrial type
Number of screens: 4 Imported or not: Yes Customized for processing: No
Alarm function: Product name: Module Input voltage: 24V Rated current: 5A
Special service: including postage. Remarks: one-year warranty. Operation method: remote control
Applicable motor: servo motor system memory: 8MB Display color: 99.9 color gamut
Power voltage: 220V Input method: Current Input Material code: 65218
Communication interface: HDMI interface Working temperature: 60 Material number 26854 Other functions Analog communication
Output frequency: 50HZ Rated voltage: 24V Alarm type: Light alarm
Disconnect capacity: 0.01 Vector graph support: Minimum number of packages supported: 1
Display type: IPS USB interface quantity: 2 interfaces Memory card slot: 2
Panel protection level: 3 Memory expansion capacity: 128MB User script support: supported
Speed response frequency: 1MS Working environment temperature: -40 to 100 Insulation withstand voltage test: Passed
Third party communication products: ABB controllers available for sale in: nationwide
Product Instructions
Please install GOP2 correctly on the device and connect the communication interface cable properly.
Please refer to the user manual for operating GOP2 to ensure proper use.
Product Introduction
GOP2 is a high-performance industrial automation communication module that uses high-speed CMOS devices, supports MODBUS protocol, and supports hardware flow control. It is an ideal choice in the field of industrial automation.

Contact person: Mr. Lai
WhatsApp:+86 17750010683

ABB—Handling Robot—IRB4400

IRB4400 has high-speed maneuverability and can fully adapt to applications that require high speed and flexibility. The compactly designed protective robot can also be used in casting, spraying and other production environments that ordinary robots cannot handle. The Casting Expert IRB4400 has an IP67 protection rating and is resistant to high-pressure steam cleaning, making it ideal for harsh production environments.

Reliability and economy

The IRB4400 has a rugged construction and long intervals between routine maintenance. The robot adopts a double-bearing jointed steel arm with good balance, the second axis is equipped with a torsion brace, and is equipped with a maintenance-free gearbox and cables, achieving extremely high reliability. In order to ensure economical operation, the transmission system of IRB4400 adopts an optimized design to achieve both low power consumption and high torque.

Multiple communication methods pave the way for device integration

The IRB4400 robot has multiple communication methods such as serial port, network interface, PLC, remote I/O and fieldbus interface, and can easily integrate with small manufacturing stations and large factory automation systems.

Main applications, cutting/deburring, cleaning/spraying, grinding/polishing, machinery management, material handling.

3. ABB—Assembly Robot—IRB140

The compact and powerful 140 is a six-axis multi-purpose industrial robot with a payload of 6kg and a working range of up to 810mm. It can be installed on the floor, inverted or wall-mounted at any angle. IRB140 is divided into 4 models: standard model, casting expert model, clean room model, and washable model. All robot arms fully meet the IP67 protection level and are easy to integrate and integrate with various process applications. The upper arm of the IRB140 adopts a rear flip mechanism. Even if it is wall-mounted, the first axis can still rotate 360 ​​degrees and the working radius is significantly expanded.

The IRB140 has a compact and robust design and uses an integrated cable package to further improve overall flexibility. Optional collision detection function (full path fallback upon purchase) ensures reliability and safety.

ABB—Assembly Robot—IRB140

IRB140T mainly focuses on the 1st and 2nd axis operations, greatly shortening the cycle time.

When only the 1st and 2nd axes are used, the cycle time can be shortened by 15-20%. This high-speed product, paired with PickMaster, is ideal for packaging and guided operations.

IRB Casting Expert and Flushable models are suitable for use in extreme casting environments and other harsh environments where corrosion resistance and sealing are critical. Both models have reached IP67 protection level, have undergone high-standard surface treatment and are resistant to high-pressure steam cleaning. The white-painted clean room robot reaches Class 10 clean room standards and is especially suitable for production environments that have strict requirements for cleanliness.


High reliability – long uptime

Long mean time between failures (MTBF), low maintenance requirements, and short maintenance time

Fast – short cycle times

The fastest operating speed among similar robots. The IRB140T robot is equipped with ABB’s unique motion control function QuickMove, which has fast operation speed and good acceleration performance, significantly shortening the work cycle time.

Display operation panel HIER466665R0099
Display operation panel HIER464920P0001
Display operation panel HIEE451220R1 HI903897-310/49 RTA108BE
Display operation panel HIEE451116R0001 FM9925A-E
Display operation panel HIEE450964R0001 SA9923A-E
Display operation panel HIEE450880R1 LT8979A-V
Display operation panel HIEE450848R1
Display operation panel HIEE450824R1
Display operation panel HIEE440503P201 HUCD420038R1 XTB750B01
Display operation panel HIEE440207P2 HIEE320639R1 N7-10408-1/13
Display operation panel HIEE410726P104 UNS0863 HIEE305082R0001
Display operation panel HIEE410385P201 HIEE300550R1
Display operation panel HIEE410379P201 HIEE401337R1
Display operation panel HIEE410372P201 HIEE300590R1 HI107355-310/20
Display operation panel HIEE410310P201 HIEE400923R1
Display operation panel HIEE410226P2 HIEE200072R2 N7-10059-1/9
Display operation panel HIEE410110P2
Display operation panel HIEE410109P2 HIEE400320R1 HI901727-931/20
Display operation panel HIEE410103P1
Display operation panel HIEE410090P2 HIEE300115R1 HI201355-860-002
Display operation panel HIEE410040P2
Display operation panel HIEE410030P2 HIEE200008R2 HI903442-310/6
Display operation panel HIEE410022P2 HIEE300025R2 HU202651-860-002
Display operation panel HIEE410016P1 HIEE300024R4 N710315-8/15
Display operation panel HIEE405246R0002 UNS0867A-PV2
Display operation panel HIEE405246R0002 UNS0867A-P,V2
Display operation panel HIEE405246R0002 UNS0867A-P,V2
Display operation panel HIEE405227R0001
Display operation panel HIEE405205R3 UNS0980C-PV3
Display operation panel HIEE405179R0001 UNS0862A-PV1
Display operation panel HIEE405179R0001 UNS0862A-P,V1
Display operation panel HIEE405179R0001
Display operation panel HIEE405087R1 UNS0982B-PV1
Display operation panel HIEE405053R1 UN0803B-PV1
Display operation panel HIEE401836R0001
Display operation panel HIEE401782R0001 LTC391AE01
Display operation panel HIEE401481R1 UAC326AE
Display operation panel HIEE401481R0001 UAC326AW.V.1
Display operation panel HIEE401481R0001 UAC326AE01
Display operation panel HIEE40121P201 HIEE400403R2 HIEE300308R1
Display operation panel HIEE401091R0002 GD9924BE
Display operation panel HIEE400995R0002 UMB015BE02
Display operation panel HIEE400787R1 HI906056-855/22
Display operation panel HIEE400787R1
Display operation panel HIEE400643R1
Display operation panel HIEE400316R1 HIEE410016P1 UDA327AE02
Display operation panel HIEE400106R1 CSA464AE
Display operation panel HIEE400103R1 CSA463AE
Display operation panel HIEE4000109R0001 HIEE400109R1 CSA465AE
Display operation panel HIEE322077
Display operation panel HIEE320639R1 LT8978BV1
Display operation panel HIEE320639R0001
Display operation panel HIEE305120R0002
Display operation panel HIEE305120R0002
Display operation panel HIEE305111R0001
Display operation panel HIEE305098R0001 UNS0007A-P,V1
Display operation panel HIEE305089R1 UNC4674BV1
Display operation panel HIEE305089R1
Display operation panel HIEE305082R0001 UNS0863A-PV1
Display operation panel HIEE305082R0001 UNS0863A-P,V1
Display operation panel HIEE305082R0001 UNS0863A-P
Display operation panel HIEE305082R0001 UNS0862
Display operation panel HIEE305082R0001
Display operation panel HIEE305069R1 UNC4674AV
Display operation panel HIEE305060R1
Display operation panel HIEE300936R0101 UFC718AE101
Display operation panel HIEE300936R0101 UFC718AE01
Display operation panel HIEE300936R0101
Display operation panel HIEE300936R0101
Display operation panel HIEE300927R0101
Display operation panel HIEE300910R1 UFC092BE01
Display operation panel HIEE300910R1
Display operation panel HIEE300910R0001
Display operation panel HIEE300910R0001
Display operation panel HIEE300900R0001 PPC322BE
Display operation panel HIEE300900R0001
Display operation panel HIEE300900R0001
Display operation panel HIEE300900R0001
Display operation panel HIEE300890R0001 UAC383AE01
Display operation panel HIEE300888R0002  UAC389AE02
Display operation panel HIEE300888R0002 UAC389AE02
Display operation panel HIEE300888R0002 UAC389AE02
Display operation panel HIEE300888R0002
Display operation panel HIEE300885R1 PPC380AE01
Display operation panel HIEE300885R0101
Display operation panel HIEE300766R0001
Display operation panel HIEE300766R0001
Display operation panel HIEE300744R1 UAC318AE
Display operation panel HIEE300725R1 UAC317AEV1
Display operation panel HIEE300715R0002
Display operation panel HIEE300698R1 KUC321AE


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