PFSK130 3BSE002616R1

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Model:PFSK130 3BSE002616R1

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Brand: ABB

Contact person: Mr. Lai


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Product parameters
Model: PFSK130 3BSE002616R1
Brand: ABB
Size: 10cm x 10cm x 30cm
Weight: 1.2KG
Color: White Black
Working voltage: 5V
Working temperature: -10 ℃ to 50 ℃
Communication interface: RS232, RS485, CAN
Product specifications
Support for MODBUS protocol
Support hardware flow control
Using high-speed CMOS devices
Support for data caching
application area
PFSK130 3BSE002616R1 is mainly used in the field of industrial automation, such as DCS PLCs, industrial controllers, robots, etc.
PFSK130 3BSE002616R1 is mainly used in steel manufacturing, thermal power generation, hydroelectric power generation, glass manufacturing, paper mills, cement factories, petrochemicals
Chemical fiber, pharmaceutical manufacturing, rubber, plastics, ferrous metal food, machine tools, specialized equipment, transportation vehicles, mechanical equipment
Electronic communication equipment, instruments and beverages, tobacco processing, clothing, textiles, leather, wood processing, furniture, printing, etc
Model: PFSK130 3BSE002616R1 Brand: ABB Archive Function: Communication Function Product Certification: Qualified
Working voltage: 24V Internal variable: No pattern Type: Vector diagram Applicable range: Industrial type
Number of screens: 4 Imported or not: Yes Customized for processing: No
Alarm function: Product name: Module Input voltage: 24V Rated current: 5A
Special service: including postage. Remarks: one-year warranty. Operation method: remote control
Applicable motor: servo motor system memory: 8MB Display color: 99.9 color gamut
Power voltage: 220V Input method: Current Input Material code: 65218
Communication interface: HDMI interface Working temperature: 60 Material number 26854 Other functions Analog communication
Output frequency: 50HZ Rated voltage: 24V Alarm type: Light alarm
Disconnect capacity: 0.01 Vector graph support: Minimum number of packages supported: 1
Display type: IPS USB interface quantity: 2 interfaces Memory card slot: 2
Panel protection level: 3 Memory expansion capacity: 128MB User script support: supported
Speed response frequency: 1MS Working environment temperature: -40 to 100 Insulation withstand voltage test: Passed
Third party communication products: ABB controllers available for sale in: nationwide
Product Instructions
Please install PFSK130 3BSE002616R1 correctly on the device and connect the communication interface cable properly.
Please refer to the user manual for operating PFSK130 3BSE002616R1 to ensure proper use.
Product Introduction
PFSK130 3BSE002616R1 is a high-performance industrial automation communication module that uses high-speed CMOS devices, supports MODBUS protocol, and supports hardware flow control. It is an ideal choice in the field of industrial automation.

Contact person: Mr. Lai
WhatsApp:+86 17750010683

abb robot
ABB is the world’s leading supplier of industrial robotics technology, providing complete application solutions including robot bodies, software and peripherals. Modular manufacturing units and services. ABB robots operate in 53 countries and more than 100 regions around the world, with a cumulative installed base of more than 300,000 units worldwide, covering a wide range of industries and application fields. We are committed to helping customers improve production efficiency, product quality, and safety levels.

This article mainly introduces which ABB spraying robot is better. The editor has compiled ten ABB spraying robots. Which one is the best can be compared and analyzed. I hope it will be helpful to you.

Inventory of ten abb spraying robots
1. ABB—Assembly Robot—IRB360

ABB—Assembly Robot—IRB360

IRB360FlexPickerTM is a second-generation delta robot solution for high-precision picking and placing operations. It has the advantages of fast speed, heavy load, good accuracy, high reliability, and ease of use.

The IRB360 series has been expanded to 3 models. Among them, the compact one occupies only 800mm&TImes;800mm, which can save valuable production space to the maximum extent, and can be easily integrated into mechanical equipment and production lines, making it widely suitable for various packaging applications.

The standard working range is 1130mm. The working range of the heavy load type is the same as that of the standard type, but its effective load is up to 3kg. The robot is easy to clean and requires little maintenance. Its θ axis can be made of wash-resistant high-strength stainless steel material, which is suitable for open food processing industries.

The new generation of FlexPickerTM is equipped with ABB’s mature and reliable Pic. Using masterTM software can significantly simplify programming work. The software is suitable both for process modeling and as an optimization aid for multi-robot systems.

The market-leading high-reliability IRC5 controller is also an integral part of the FlexPickerTM robot solution. The IRC5 controller is equipped with TrueMoveTM and QuickMoveTM functions to ensure optimal operating speed and path accuracy, enabling high-precision tracking of fast conveyor belts by robots. The IRC5 controller is now available in panel-embedded form, which not only significantly saves space, but also creates convenient conditions for its integration into mechanical equipment and production lines.

Functional features: fast speed, strong flexibility, large load (payload up to 3kg), top-mounted installation, flushable hygienic design, outstanding tracking performance, integrated vision software.

Main application areas, assembly, material handling, picking, and packaging.

2. ABB—Handling Robot—IRB4400

The IRB4400 industrial robot has a compact body and extremely fast operation speed, and is suitable for handling large and medium-sized heavy objects. Its unique multi-functional design is widely adaptable to various manufacturing needs. This type of robot has a load capacity of 60kg under high-speed operation and can usually carry two pieces of materials at a time. In addition, the robot has a solid structure, good balance, and uses TrueMoveTM patented technology to maintain smooth and fast movement throughout the entire working range, ensuring high-quality product manufacturing in cutting and other applications.

Display operation panel 3HAC12271-2
Display operation panel 3HAC12147-1
Display operation panel 3HAC12146-4
Display operation panel 3HAC12120-1
Display operation panel 3HAC11928-1
Display operation panel 3HAC11911-2
Display operation panel 3HAC11819-1
Display operation panel 3HAC1179-1
Display operation panel 3HAC1177-1
Display operation panel 3HAC11761-1
Display operation panel 3HAC11720-1
Display operation panel 3HAC11668-1
Display operation panel 3HAC1164-1
Display operation panel 3HAC11601-1
Display operation panel 3HAC1150-1
Display operation panel 3HAC11488-1
Display operation panel 3HAC11482-1
Display operation panel 3HAC11283-2
Display operation panel 3HAC11282-2
Display operation panel 3HAC11282-1
Display operation panel 3HAC11068-1
Display operation panel 3HAC11060-1
Display operation panel 3HAC1103-1
Display operation panel 3HAC10996-1
Display operation panel 3HAC10939-8
Display operation panel 3HAC10847-1
Display operation panel 3HAC10847-1
Display operation panel 3HAC10834-1
Display operation panel 3HAC10828-16
Display operation panel 3HAC10828-15
Display operation panel 3HAC10814-1
Display operation panel 3HAC1079-1
Display operation panel 3HAC10746-7
Display operation panel 3HAC10746-6
Display operation panel 3HAC10674-1
Display operation panel 3HAC10592-1
Display operation panel 3HAC10583-7
Display operation panel 3HAC10583-5
Display operation panel 3HAC10583-4
Display operation panel 3HAC10583-3
Display operation panel 3HAC10583-2
Display operation panel 3HAC10583-16
Display operation panel 3HAC10583-14
Display operation panel 3HAC10583-12
Display operation panel 3HAC10557-1
Display operation panel 3HAC10543-1
Display operation panel 3HAC1053-1
Display operation panel 3HAC10523-1
Display operation panel 3HAC1051-1
Display operation panel 3HAC1050-1
Display operation panel 3HAC10479-3
Display operation panel 3HAC10479-1
Display operation panel 3HAC10479-1
Display operation panel 3HAC10478-3
Display operation panel 3HAC10475-4
Display operation panel 3HAC10472-3
Display operation panel 3HAC10472-1
Display operation panel 3HAC10470-3
Display operation panel 3HAC10424-1
Display operation panel 3HAC10292-1
Display operation panel 3HAC10200-1
Display operation panel 3HAC10141-1
Display operation panel 3HAC10044-6
Display operation panel 3HAC0986-1
Display operation panel 3HAC0977-1
Display operation panel 3HAC0977-1
Display operation panel 3HAC0861-3
Display operation panel 3HAC0766-1
Display operation panel 3HAC0694-1
Display operation panel 3HAC0665-1
Display operation panel 3HAC0641-1
Display operation panel 3HAC058424-001
Display operation panel 3HAC057980-006
Display operation panel 3HAC057288-002
Display operation panel 3HAC057288-002
Display operation panel 3HAC055448-004
Display operation panel 3HAC055448-004
Display operation panel 3HAC055437-004
Display operation panel 3HAC052287-001
Display operation panel 3HAC047960-001


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