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Brand: ABB

Contact person: Mr. Lai


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Product parameters
Model: PM864A
Brand: ABB
Size: 10cm x 10cm x 30cm
Weight: 1.2KG
Color: White Black
Working voltage: 5V
Working temperature: -10 ℃ to 50 ℃
Communication interface: RS232, RS485, CAN
Product specifications
Support for MODBUS protocol
Support hardware flow control
Using high-speed CMOS devices
Support for data caching
application area
PM864A is mainly used in the field of industrial automation, such as DCS PLCs, industrial controllers, robots, etc.
PM864A is mainly used in steel manufacturing, thermal power generation, hydroelectric power generation, glass manufacturing, paper mills, cement factories, petrochemicals
Chemical fiber, pharmaceutical manufacturing, rubber, plastics, ferrous metal food, machine tools, specialized equipment, transportation vehicles, mechanical equipment
Electronic communication equipment, instruments and beverages, tobacco processing, clothing, textiles, leather, wood processing, furniture, printing, etc
Model: PM864A Brand: ABB Archive Function: Communication Function Product Certification: Qualified
Working voltage: 24V Internal variable: No pattern Type: Vector diagram Applicable range: Industrial type
Number of screens: 4 Imported or not: Yes Customized for processing: No
Alarm function: Product name: Module Input voltage: 24V Rated current: 5A
Special service: including postage. Remarks: one-year warranty. Operation method: remote control
Applicable motor: servo motor system memory: 8MB Display color: 99.9 color gamut
Power voltage: 220V Input method: Current Input Material code: 65218
Communication interface: HDMI interface Working temperature: 60 Material number 26854 Other functions Analog communication
Output frequency: 50HZ Rated voltage: 24V Alarm type: Light alarm
Disconnect capacity: 0.01 Vector graph support: Minimum number of packages supported: 1
Display type: IPS USB interface quantity: 2 interfaces Memory card slot: 2
Panel protection level: 3 Memory expansion capacity: 128MB User script support: supported
Speed response frequency: 1MS Working environment temperature: -40 to 100 Insulation withstand voltage test: Passed
Third party communication products: ABB controllers available for sale in: nationwide
Product Instructions
Please install PM864A correctly on the device and connect the communication interface cable properly.
Please refer to the user manual for operating PM864A to ensure proper use.
Product Introduction
PM864A is a high-performance industrial automation communication module that uses high-speed CMOS devices, supports MODBUS protocol, and supports hardware flow control. It is an ideal choice in the field of industrial automation.

Contact person: Mr. Lai
WhatsApp:+86 17750010683

According to news on October 10, it is reported that ABB has completed the acquisition of Robotics, a leading parallel robot provider, yesterday. The company is mainly used in high-precision picking and placing applications.

Among them, Codian Robotics’ products include sanitary-grade production line designs, which are especially suitable for hygiene-sensitive industries such as food and beverages and pharmaceuticals. Through this transaction, ABB is accelerating its deployment in the continuously growing field of parallel robots.

Codian Robotics is based in Eide, the Netherlands, and has 20 employees worldwide. The company will continue to provide services directly to customers. The acquisition was signed and completed on October 1, 2020, and both parties agreed not to disclose any details about the acquisition price.

In the field of parallel robots, ABB has an absolute advantage

As we all know, ABB ranks among the world’s top 500 companies and is a leading company in the field of power and automation technology.

ABB is committed to helping customers in power, industry, transportation and infrastructure improve performance while reducing environmental impact. ABB is one of the four major families in the field of industrial robots and has an absolute advantage in traditional six-axis robotic arms.

In the field of parallel robots, it is also an early manufacturer. In 1998, it released the FlexPicker, a triangular robot specially used in the picking and packaging industry. After improvement, it formed the current FlexPicker family, the IRB 360 series of parallel robots. The working range There are three types: 800mm, 1130mm and 1600mm. The load ranges from 1KG to 8KG, and the models are relatively small. ABB parallel robots do not have vision, and most of the applications on the market are in cooperation with vision companies such as Cognex in the United States.

ABB parallel robots are currently mainly produced by ABB’s factory in Shanghai. In addition, in 2018, ABB announced that it would spend US$150 million to build a robot factory in Shanghai, which is expected to be put into operation by the end of 2020. It is believed that it will have an advantage in robot manufacturing costs. Of course, ABB parallel robots generally require external vision, and the cost of vision is relatively high. Coupled with the high brand premium, the price of IRB 360 in the market has also remained high for a long time.

Acquisition of Codian adds more power to a tiger

Sami Atiya, President of ABB Robotics and Discrete Automation, said: “Our acquisition highlights our focus on breakthrough technologies that will not only help our customers take full advantage of the potential of automation, but also help them survive in a rapidly changing business world. Improve flexibility in the environment.

Codian Robotics’ technology and industry knowledge is a perfect complement to our range of food and beverage, pharmaceutical, service robots and logistics solutions, and is a strong support for ABB’s machine-centric robotics products.

“Over the years, we have developed a broad product portfolio. ABB’s exceptional global reach and industry experience will help us deliver our products globally. I look forward to both parties writing a new chapter in our success story together.” Freek, founder of Codian Robotics Hartman said.

While most robots used in the food and beverage industry today are not designed for food contact applications, Codian Robotics’ product portfolio includes hygienic designs for successful safe, open food processing.

Display operation panel 1MRK002246-BD
Display operation panel 129765-008
Display operation panel 129740-102
Display operation panel 129740-002
Display operation panel 129740-002
Display operation panel 128877-103
Display operation panel 086444-005
Display operation panel 086407-502
Display operation panel 086370-001
Display operation panel 086370-001
Display operation panel 086349-002
Display operation panel 086345-504
Display operation panel 086339-501
Display operation panel 086339-001
Display operation panel 086329-004
Display operation panel 086329-004
Display operation panel 086329-003
Display operation panel 086318-002
Display operation panel 086318-002
Display operation panel 07ZE62R101
Display operation panel 07ZE61R101
Display operation panel 07ZE60R201
Display operation panel 07ZB69R2
Display operation panel 07ZB69R1
Display operation panel 07ZB60
Display operation panel 07YS86
Display operation panel 07YS81
Display operation panel 07YS80
Display operation panel 07TI80
Display operation panel 07PT40
Display operation panel 07PS63R2
Display operation panel 07PS62R3
Display operation panel 07PS62R1
Display operation panel 07PG201
Display operation panel 07PG200R1
Display operation panel 07NG82
Display operation panel 07NG68R1
Display operation panel 07NG66R1
Display operation panel 07NG63R2
Display operation panel 07NG60R1
Display operation panel 07MK62
Display operation panel 07KT98C GJR5253100R028
Display operation panel 07KT98-ARCNET
Display operation panel 07KT98 H4 GJR5253100R3262
Display operation panel 07KT98 H4 GJR5253100R3262
Display operation panel 07KT98 H4 GJR5253100R3260
Display operation panel 07KT98 GJR5253100R4278
Display operation panel 07KT98 GJR5253100R0278
Display operation panel 07KT98 GJR5253100R0278
Display operation panel 07KT98
Display operation panel 07KT98
Display operation panel 07KT97H3
Display operation panel 07KT97F1
Display operation panel 07KT97B
Display operation panel 07KT97 GJR5253000R4270
Display operation panel 07KT97 GJR5253000R0100
Display operation panel 07KT94 GJR5252100R3261
Display operation panel 07KT94
Display operation panel 07KT93 G/GJR5251300R0101
Display operation panel 07KT92 GJR5250500R0902
Display operation panel 07KT92 CS31
Display operation panel 07KT92
Display operation panel 07KT60
Display operation panel 07KT31
Display operation panel 07KT228
Display operation panel 07KR51 DC24V
Display operation panel 07KR31 FPR36000227R1202-S
Display operation panel 07KR31
Display operation panel 07KR31
Display operation panel 07KR240
Display operation panel 07KR228
Display operation panel 07KR220b
Display operation panel 07KP62
Display operation panel 07ET83A
Display operation panel 07ET40R1
Display operation panel 07EI60
Display operation panel 07EB90-S
Display operation panel 07EB61R1
Display operation panel 07EB200


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