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Brand: ABB

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Product parameters
Model: SPDSI14
Brand: ABB
Size: 10cm x 10cm x 30cm
Weight: 1.2KG
Color: White Black
Working voltage: 5V
Working temperature: -10 ℃ to 50 ℃
Communication interface: RS232, RS485, CAN
Product specifications
Support for MODBUS protocol
Support hardware flow control
Using high-speed CMOS devices
Support for data caching
application area
SPDSI14 is mainly used in the field of industrial automation, such as DCS PLCs, industrial controllers, robots, etc.
SPDSI14 is mainly used in steel manufacturing, thermal power generation, hydroelectric power generation, glass manufacturing, paper mills, cement factories, petrochemicals
Chemical fiber, pharmaceutical manufacturing, rubber, plastics, ferrous metal food, machine tools, specialized equipment, transportation vehicles, mechanical equipment
Electronic communication equipment, instruments and beverages, tobacco processing, clothing, textiles, leather, wood processing, furniture, printing, etc
Model: SPDSI14 Brand: ABB Archive Function: Communication Function Product Certification: Qualified
Working voltage: 24V Internal variable: No pattern Type: Vector diagram Applicable range: Industrial type
Number of screens: 4 Imported or not: Yes Customized for processing: No
Alarm function: Product name: Module Input voltage: 24V Rated current: 5A
Special service: including postage. Remarks: one-year warranty. Operation method: remote control
Applicable motor: servo motor system memory: 8MB Display color: 99.9 color gamut
Power voltage: 220V Input method: Current Input Material code: 65218
Communication interface: HDMI interface Working temperature: 60 Material number 26854 Other functions Analog communication
Output frequency: 50HZ Rated voltage: 24V Alarm type: Light alarm
Disconnect capacity: 0.01 Vector graph support: Minimum number of packages supported: 1
Display type: IPS USB interface quantity: 2 interfaces Memory card slot: 2
Panel protection level: 3 Memory expansion capacity: 128MB User script support: supported
Speed response frequency: 1MS Working environment temperature: -40 to 100 Insulation withstand voltage test: Passed
Third party communication products: ABB controllers available for sale in: nationwide
Product Instructions
Please install SPDSI14 correctly on the device and connect the communication interface cable properly.
Please refer to the user manual for operating SPDSI14 to ensure proper use.
Product Introduction
SPDSI14 is a high-performance industrial automation communication module that uses high-speed CMOS devices, supports MODBUS protocol, and supports hardware flow control. It is an ideal choice in the field of industrial automation.

Contact person: Mr. Lai
WhatsApp:+86 17750010683

As the number of electric vehicles around the world continues to grow, electric vehicle-related concept stocks have been rising. As of the close of trading on the 22nd, the share price of Tesla Inc. (TSLA), the only listed electric vehicle manufacturer in the United States this year, has soared 156% to $87. Well-known hedge fund Longboard Asset Management issued a report that is “strongly optimistic” about the company, predicting that its stock price will rise to $100 within 18 months and rise to $200 within five years. Tesla expects to ship a record 20,000 Model S electric vehicles in 2013.

Electric vehicle sales are driving demand for charging solutions that require more complex monitoring systems and software support for the grid . According to the forecast of Parker Research Company in the United States, the number of electric vehicle charging stations will double in the next few years, and global sales will reach 1.6 million units by 2015. At present, the biggest problem hindering the popularity of electric vehicles is that charging takes too long. Analysts believe that ABB’s latest fast charging technology is expected to break through this bottleneck and bring the electric vehicle industry into a new era.

ABB has been committed to finding fast charging solutions for electric vehicles as early as 2011. In July of that year, ABB acquired Netherlands-based Epyon, an early leader in global electric vehicle charging infrastructure solutions, focusing on DC fast charging stations and networked charging software. The company’s DC fast charging stations, which have been operational since May 2010, can reduce charging time to 15 minutes, compared with the typical 6 to 8 hours required using standard AC charging equipment. Epyon’s equipment and software also enable charging stations to monitor charging status and demand, and implement billing and management functions.

Shurig said on the 23rd that ABB plans to promote this technology to global markets including China. ABB is open to the distribution channels of fast charging piles. It can not only provide products and solutions directly, but also cooperate with local dealers or system integrators.

ABB to provide automation solutions for UK natural gas storage facilities

Zurich – ABB has become the provider of a comprehensive solution based on System 800xA and ABB instrumentation for a new natural gas storage facility in Cheshire, UK (with a storage capacity of more than 400 million cubic meters).

The Stublach facility, being built for Cheshire-based company Storengy, part of GDF Suez Group, will store natural gas in salt caverns deep underground. The processing plant includes natural gas compressor units that are used to transport natural gas between the salt caverns and the UK’s National Transmission System (NTS) .

A very important factor why ABB won the bid for this project is that ABB has a complete range of automation , safety and instrumentation products , and System 800xA has been widely and successfully applied around the world. ABB’s System 800xA control system, together with ABB instrumentation, provides natural asset management capabilities that can help operators manage and maintain plants more effectively, thereby increasing productivity and reducing energy consumption.

As the main instrumentation and automation contractor (MI AC ), ABB will supply integrated process control and safety instrumented systems based on System 800xA to Jacobs Engineering, responsible for the plant engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), as well as ABB and third parties. Instrumentation . In addition, ABB provides engineering design services for automation and safety instrumented systems (SIS).

The TüV-certified AC 800M HI safety controller and field devices form a safety instrumented system, which is used to control the treatment plant, corresponding pipelines, and the wellhead 2,000 meters away from the treatment plant.

For this reason, ABB configured redundant controllers for the selected 800xA system. The 800xA system also connects to the plant’s fire and gas detection (F&G) and third-party equipment, such as compressors, to monitor the entire plant.

Display operation panel SA801F
Display operation panel SA801F
Display operation panel SA610
Display operation panel SA168 3BSE003389R1
Display operation panel S900-BI100
Display operation panel S503X
Display operation panel S503X
Display operation panel S200-TB3T
Display operation panel S200-TB3
Display operation panel S200-PS13
Display operation panel S200-IR8
Display operation panel S-113N 3BHB018008R0101
Display operation panel S-113N 3BHB018008R0001
Display operation panel s-113N 3BHB018008R0001
Display operation panel S-093H 3BHB030478R0309
Display operation panel S-093H 3BHB030478R0309
Display operation panel S-076N 3BHB009884R0021
Display operation panel S-073N 3BHB009884R0021
Display operation panel S-073N 3BHB009884R0021
Display operation panel RXTUG 22H 1MRK000592-A
Display operation panel RXPPK 2H 1MRK001615-AA
Display operation panel RXIIK 4 1MRK001643-AA
Display operation panel RXIDK 2H 1MRK000838-HA
Display operation panel RXEDK 2H 1MRK000841-RA
Display operation panel RXDS 4 1MRK000344-A
Display operation panel RX865
Display operation panel RX845
Display operation panel RX835
Display operation panel RX835
Display operation panel RW857F
Display operation panel RW856F
Display operation panel RVC6-5A
Display operation panel RVC6-5A
Display operation panel RTAC-01
Display operation panel RMU811
Display operation panel RMIO-02C
Display operation panel RLY-100
Display operation panel RLM01 3BDZ000398R1
Display operation panel RLM01
Display operation panel RLM01
Display operation panel RLM01
Display operation panel RLM01
Display operation panel RINT-5521C
Display operation panel RINT-5521C
Display operation panel RID-04 3HNA020882-001
Display operation panel RFO810
Display operation panel RF620
Display operation panel RF615
Display operation panel RF615
Display operation panel RF533 3BSE014227R1
Display operation panel RF522 3BSE000743R1
Display operation panel REX521GHHGSH51G
Display operation panel REX521GBHPLB01G
Display operation panel REX010
Display operation panel REU615E_D
Display operation panel REU610CVVHCNR
Display operation panel RET670
Display operation panel RET670
Display operation panel RET670
Display operation panel RET650
Display operation panel RET650
Display operation panel RET630
Display operation panel RER133
Display operation panel REM615
Display operation panel REM545BM223AAAA
Display operation panel REM545BM222BAAA
Display operation panel REM543CM216AAAA
Display operation panel REM543CM214AAAB
Display operation panel REG670
Display operation panel REG216
Display operation panel REF620C
Display operation panel REF615R
Display operation panel REF615K
Display operation panel REF615F
Display operation panel REF615E
Display operation panel REF615C-E
Display operation panel REF615C-D
Display operation panel REF615A_E HAFAABAAABE1BCA1XE
Display operation panel REF615
Display operation panel REF611C-E
Display operation panel REF610C11LCLR
Display operation panel REF610


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